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Soul Memory Discovery

~A Tune-Up For Your Soul~

Soul Memory Discovery (SMD) is a spiritual healing modality that enables us to access, identify and release troubling issues that limit our lives and keep us from the full expression of our Essences and our Beings.  SMD was developed and transmitted by Ellen Kaufman Dosick, LCSW. 

 SMD heals the emotional body and can be helpful in eliminating symptoms of anxiety and fear, PTSD, complicated grief reactions, rage & anger and depression.  It helps resolve problems of everyday life including: relationship issues, aloneness & isolation, lack of abundance, dissatisfaction with work, hopelessness & despair and feeling lost or stuck.  SMD is also helpful in relieving many physical ailments. 

This process is what we call sacred ritual.

Sacred ritual uses the power of language to effect change

Words are extremely powerful and have the capacity to do many things.

      The energies of special, sacred words on their own and in combination

can unlock and open portals to higher realms.

     Words can alter and transform time-space frameworks and change existing realities.

   Words can create whole new worlds.​​

Each of us is here because of the unique contributions we are able to make in our world.  We are being called forward to stand in the fullness of our Essences, to be the largest versions of ourselves.  These times require that we be what we came here to be and that we do what we came here to do.  Our world demands our full presence Now.

SMD is a great gift for us that allows us to lift off limitations and step into the fullness of our Truths

in life-affirming, grace-filled ways. ​

Sitting in the Light of a Soul Memory Discovery session, surrounded with the love of your Guides,

moving energies and playing in the sacredness, is an awesome,

humbling and life-transforming experience.​

Contact to schedule a SMD session.

Payments made through venmo to @shayndeladler

Sheryl 17.JPG

I just finished my Soul Memory session with Shayndel and it was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Afterwards I felt truly aligned with my purpose. I felt like the static in my mind went away. And being able to stand in her gigantic Tibetan bowl while she played it was an experience never to be forgotten! I highly recommend seeing Shayndel especially if you need deep healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

-Monica B. 


My Soul Memory Discovery session with Shayndel opened the door to my understanding of Who and What I am. It invited my soul to step-in so it wasn't  clouded with 3D energy. It allowed me to reach beyond myself and my own capabilities at the time. It provided keys to access and turn on things. This is an ancient wisdom tool that has been brought back!   SMD is the best foundational start to exploring oneself. Since then I have been able to finally ground in Who I Am and not my shadow side. I discovered my soul purpose and it helped me to work through my karmic debt.

-Nicole Jones-Gyllstrom

side ocean.jpg

I recently had a session with Shayndel to clear a relationship with someone with whom I was sure I had past life connections. Shayndel led me through a series of questions/processes that led to deeper and deeper energetic clearing. When the session was over, I felt lighter. In the weeks that followed, I no longer felt negative energy in my relationship with this person, and I was able to let go.

I highly recommend her healings.

-Dani Antman, healer, author of Wired for God, Adventures of a Jewish Yogi

Empowering Soul Memory Session!

It began with me stepping into an enormous singing bowl. 

After Shayndel resonated the side of the bowl, I could feel the intention of what I needed from the session reverberate through my body. 

The rituals guided me to identify and speak words of strength that created both healing and a clear path forward.

I left the experience transformed. 

A week later, the lightness and clarity is still with me.

-Hillary DeParde

Reiki Master

The Soul Memory process was safe, uplifting, empowering and immediately effective. Shayndel provided such a calming presence with her gentle voice and direction. She was able to access, identify and release the troubling issues. Two souls that were connected to me were released and cleared. It was a very emotional experience. I truly felt a presence and connection to the spirits as they released. I highly recommend Shayndel for the Soul Memory process. She has the qualities of a spiritual leader and knowledge of the methods needed for healing. 

-Marilyn Robinson

After two years of chronic pain, surgeries, alternative and western medicine; I decided I needed to get radical about saving myself. I sensed  that SMD was the missing piece to my healing; that my spirit and psyche needed work as well! Shayndel worked with me in a collaborative way, offering support and strength.  I felt her in her priestess role to be confident and compassionate. The process was gentle but ultimately very powerful. Afterwards, I felt a lightness and peacefulness that I hadn't felt in a long time. My anxiety seemed to have vanished.  As time passed, I realized that my Soul Memory work has been like a seed planted deeply within me and that major processes are underway. My daily life has concealed a busy soul life, striving to grow and become. I know now that I have to show up fully present despite my fears and pain. I am so grateful to Shayndel and recommend her to anyone serious about true growth and healing.

-Amy Anderson

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