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Upcoming Events

  • New Moon & Ana B'Koach Sound Healing
    New Moon & Ana B'Koach Sound Healing
    Thu, Jun 06
    over zoom
    Jun 06, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MDT
    over zoom
    In the energy of the new moon, we'll blend Kabbalistic and Nepalese wisdom as mystical Hebrew chant resonates with Himalayan chakra bowls and other sacred instruments; taking you on an ascent through the body's energy centers, the chakras and the sefirot, the tree of life. ($36 donation)

Past Events & Classes:

Uncovering the Voice Singing Circles
Prenatal & Fertility Sound Healings
Shabbat Sound Healing 

Uncovering the Voice w/ Guided Imagery for Children
Sound Baths w/ Qigong or Yoga
Spiritual Healing Chants
Embodying Ruach Hakodesh 
Sound Healing & Hebrew Chant for Hanukkah
Renew Your Heart & Spirit for the New Year
Torah & Haftarah Trope 
Divine Feminine in Judaism
Rosh Chodesh/New Moon Rituals
Yiddish Song Class 
Magic & Divination in the Torah 

Shabbaton & Ladino Concert
Uncovering the Voice in the Morning Blessings
Liturgy Literacy: Intro to Hebrew Prayer
Kabbalah Tree of Life & Counting of the Omer 
Tu B'shevat Seder: New Year of the Trees
Sacred Times: Holidays & the Cycle of the Year
Uncovering the Voice & Teshuvah/Return
Holiday & Shabbat Circles for Early Childhood
Uncovering the Voice: Healing in the Sound Stream


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