"Every human being has a singing voice. Our work is to unveil,

take away the hindrances and free the voice."

~Valborg Werbeck Svardstrom 

‘Uncovering the Voice’ also called 'Werbeck Singing,' can be described as yoga for the voice.  The wide range of singing exercises are innately therapeutic and bring balance to the whole person on multiple levels: physical, emotional, and social.

The process of singing is viewed holistically and encourages a natural opening and balancing of the voice. Singers are gently invited to move with joy and confidence in discovering their beautiful singing potential.


Private lessons are held in Denver, CO or online through zoom.

'Sunday Singing Circles' will be starting again online in Fall, 2020!

These singing exercises stand alone as a spiritual, meditative and healing practice in their own right. They expand our relationship to the world of tones and sounds and reconnect us to the universal sound stream.

 All singers are welcome, from beginners to advanced musicians. Every person has the ability to

reflect the essence of life through singing. 

The School of Uncovering the Voice was founded in 1924 by the Swedish singer, Mrs. Valborg Werbeck Svardstrom in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner.   

Mrs. Werbeck wrote her experiences and spiritual understanding of the human voice in her book, “Uncovering the Voice, The Cleansing Power of Song.”

Shayndel received her teacher certificate from Christiaan Boele, who studied with Jurgen Schriefer who learned directly from Valborg Werbeck-Svardstrom.  Shayndel completed the Pedagogical Singing Training and the Foundational Singing Training. She has also served as  the caretaker & organizer of the School of Uncovering the Voice Trainings and retreats in California since 2007. 

Shayndel's teaching remains true to Mrs. Werbeck's exercises and is enriched by her understanding of the healing arts and prayer leadership. As a Waldorf teacher, she has woven the exercises into guided, imaginative journeys for children and adults and has served as a singing instructor and music consultant for teachers and parents.

I have taken several sessions of the singing circles with Shayndel. There are many different vocal exercises and each one is unique. Some are more challenging than others but they are always fun. There are exercises for encouraging natural breathing and there are ones that address specific health issues.  These classes have given me more confidence in singing. Though we are not moving around much in the class, we are aware of using our whole body. After a session I can feel the positive effects of the exercises. The exercises are hard to convey in words, but we are optimizing the voices we have and yes, everyone can sing! I am always amazed how a circle of beginning singers can sound so good! I will continue with any singing classes Shayndel offers!

-Linda Sternberg


Uncovering the Voice lessons with Shayndel is an immersion into the direct experience of healing through singing and sound. Shayndel knows the Uncovering the Voice lessons like no one else and in my experience, being led by her is one of safety, assuredness and rest. Shayndel has a beautiful balance of gentleness and strength which is a reflection of the profound uncovering the voice exercises that she lives and breathes by. I feel so fortunate to have found her and have her be the one to help me to uncover my voice.

-Anna Beaumont

I have always been a quiet, unsure singer. After only a couple of sessions with Shayndel, I found myself singing out; learning to use my voice and body to really sing! It was such a spiritual feeling to sing in the group, with all the voices blending and a palpable vibration holding the circle together. 


What is learned online will be fully expressed when groups can sing together again. Shayndel has a lot of experience and is very professional, yet at the same time is always caring and encouraging.

-Merry Draffan


Thanks beloved Shayndel for making me and my heart sing.  I have always wanted to learn to carry a tune and as a stretch goal have some beauty in it but before my lessons with you, the best I was ever able to learn was to follow a group melody only if they were singing with great volume. I see that you were correct in saying anyone can learn to sing if taught in the right way for them. In our group classes, numerous people who had been in the same situation as myself were now all singing beautifully.

-Adrienne Kandel z''l 

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