Sound Healing & Reiki

Reiki Sound Healing sessions are either held at Shayndel's sound healing sanctuary,

in the beautiful outdoors of Colorado, or livestreamed via zoom. 

Immerse in a symphony of healing tones. Experience peace and relaxation.

Restore balance. Nurture mind, body, spirit. Reinvigorate energy flow.

Reiki is a gentle, deeply relaxing energy technique that encourages holistic healing on all levels of our being.  Shayndel combines Reiki with sound healing and her music therapy includes Himalayan/Tibetan singing bowls, Native American flutes, gong, tingsha, lyre, chakra balancing drum, chimes, and sacred chanting. 

Vibrational Therapy with Himalayan Bowls

Shayndel's singing bowls are traditionally hand-hammered and infused with healing intentions during their process of creation by the Nepali Shakya Clans who have been crafting these instruments for over two thousand years.  They contain seven sacred metals that align with the seven creative planets and the seven chakras of the body. 

When there is disease or distress in the body, the cells vibrate out of balance, creating various states of discord. 

As the Himalayan bowls are played surrounding and resting upon the body, their healing vibrations penetrate the layers of fascia to move our cells and improve our circulation like a full body "sound massage".  These vibrations are capable of shifting imbalances in our Subtle Bodies and dissipating negative energies that restrict physical, spiritual and mental health. 

The sound waves from the Himalayan bowls entrain the brain to sink into deeper Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave frequencies, inducing a meditative and peaceful state of serenity and mindfulness. Their pure, resonant and harmonious tones are beneficial in removing stress, anxiety, anger and aggression and ease the symptoms of depression, insomnia, immune-deficiency diseases, arthritis and high blood pressure. 

Shayndel has completed levels 1,2 & 3 of the Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational method and is a certified Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational healing practitioner.  Protocols that may be requested are: Relaxation Therapy, Healing Prayer, Chakra Balancing Therapy, Warm Water Therapy,

Clearing the Chakras, Emotional Release, Serenity and Deep Relaxation. 

Sound Healing Meditation Concerts

In addition to one-on-one sessions and couples sound healings,  Shayndel leads Sound Meditation Concerts for groups and Chant/Sound Healing rituals. She also composes sound baths to accompany yoga, qigong, tai chi and meditation workshops.  

Contact to schedule.

Payments made through venmo to @shayndeladler or Shayndel's paypal link

I have not been calmed to this level in a very long time.  In my session, I could feel the frequencies of the bowls releasing my emotions and quieting down the symptoms I experience from lyme and other immunocompromised illnesses. I could feel the Reiki and the beautiful intention of what Shayndel is doing; her heart is in her healing. I felt kundalini rise up my back with the flute song, pushing out any residue. The flute centered me in my heart where I landed for the healing. Then the bowls took me further, to a 'womb of creation' where I could visualize and birth new ideas. I could feel the lymph around my ear shifting and more chi is now flowing through my body. My head has been cleared of brain fog and my vagus nerve feels calmed.


Shayndel's chanting brought a beautiful softness, especially around my third eye chakra. Her voice is angelic, like seraphim. Delightful is an understatement.  I  feel absolutely harmonic in all of my chakras and they are still buzzing, tingling and reverberating. I am grounded and high; between heaven and earth.

-Nicole J.G.

— Name, Title

My session with Shayndel was beautiful and calming. I could feel the vibration of the bowls through zoom. Shayndel has created an intimate space during this time of social distancing. I responded deeply to the flute and the singing bowls allowed me to take a deep breath and settle into my body. I had been having difficulty sleeping and following my session, I slept well. It was sleep dearly needed!

Shayndel brings her whole being into her work. The bowls are an extension of her compassion and spirituality and these enveloped me during the session. I encourage anyone who needs care during these uncertain times to find respite in Shayndel's healing space.

-Virginia L. 

Sound healing sessions with Shayndel are like being caressed by an angel! Shayndel's intuitive listening and sacred sonic creation weave a portal into deep rest and vibratory bliss. Zoom dropped away and I felt as if I was being held in ancient, lush temple space!

-Taya Ma

Shayndel, thank you for a beautiful sound healing session. It was very soothing and I felt more peaceful in the end. We floated into sound heaven!

Your voice is so tender and your love is palpable. May the Shekhina guide you on this holy path of healing.

-R'Hanna Tiferet Siegel

I had the supreme pleasure of being in one of Shayndel's group sound healings. It was completely transcendent and for that time, I forgot about any and everything and was in Bliss. She is multi-talented and Angelic. I highly recommend connecting with Shayndel. 

-Annie K.

I had a wonderful opportunity to co-lead a workshop for a women's Rosh Chodesh group (a monthly celebration of the new moon) with Shayndel. Hazzan Shayndel offered a sound bath as I led a spring practice of Qigong.


Shayndel helped create a space that felt sacred, safe, grounded, blissful, connected and most of all, allowed for an inward journey of healing.


Her ability to tune into healing by using sound is something I would highly recommend and hope you have the opportunity to experience. 

-Diann K.

Shayndel, I just wanted to express a huge thank you for our session today. It was so grounded and healing. I definitely dozed and also noticed my body responding to the bowls. I woke up feeling much, much more relaxed. This was so needed!

-Sarah S.

The healing session I received from Shayndel was absolutely serene. Before the session we discussed what was going on in my life and I let her know that I needed some major care due to stress in my home. The sound healing began with me laying down and meditating while listening the Shayndel play her beautiful flute. Then as I listened to the singing bowls my nervous system began to relax and I drifted in and out of consciousness. The sound healing really helped me to restart my day and relax into things. Thank you Shayndel for the amazing sound bath! 


-Monica B.

The sound healing made me feel so relaxed! Some of my anxiety washed away with the bowls. Thank you!

-Della M.

Shayndel, the sound healing was so wonderful! I fell into a dream state and was trying to remember everything that came up. Then I lost consciousness and fell asleep surrounded by the beautiful musical tones. I only woke up at the end when you spoke and I stayed relaxed for a long time. That was so healing and I felt very blessed by your gifts. Sending love and blessings back to you.

-Deborah Miriam L.

Thanks so much for the sound healing! I napped for an hour afterwards; definitely relaxing! I felt the sounds reverberating in specific parts of my body. The sensation moved around to areas of my body where I've had a lifetime of issues. It felt like something was releasing. I now have a general feeling of calmness.

-Lois G.

Thank you so much for the sound healing. It was so relaxing and comforting. It felt very warm and giving, like receiving a caressing massage. And I loved your choice of chant! What a lovely, thoughtful gift you gave each of us! 

-Hallie M.

I loved the warm water and the bowls on the body. It felt like the water helped to send the sound vibrations deep down into the body. I lost my regular day orientation and went into a trance space. When the bowl was resonating around my neck and head, I felt deep relief in that whole region around my collarbone.  After that, everything else was gravy! With the overtones of the bowls singing toegther, I felt as if I was being held within one big sound sphere.

-Kath R.

Shayndel, thank you for a most exquisite sound healing session. I melted into the sounds and found my exhausted body replenished afterwards. Your flute playing was so dreamy. I bless you that your gifts will be received with the fullness that they are offered.

-R' Eva S.B.

Sweet Shayndel, thank you for the lovely sound healing. The textures and vibrations allowed me to deeply relax my body and brain.

-Lesa P.

Dear Shayndel, thank you! That was so lovely. I breathed in healing and lined up my chakras and opened up my flow of Da'at. Such a gift!

-Rosemary L.

Wow, that was wonderful Shayndel! Thank you so very much. I am now slowly coming back into my day but with a smile on my face and calm in my heart. Peace surrounds me. During the time you bathed me in sound I was surrounded by waves of beautiful colors; purple, blue, turquoise, green, golden- and everything else disappeared.  Such peace, such bliss!


-Elke M.


The sound healing was amazing! I feel so relaxed, it activated my bliss body and I feel those good tingles all over! As soon as you started playing that flute we all drifted off. There were moments in the meditation where I felt my guides present in the healing. It was just lovely! I feel blessed and thankful to be the recipient of this session.  My whole family was transported into beauty-eternal nothingness! It was awesome. Thank you. 

-Alyssa A.

— Name, Title

Dear Shayndel, I am so grateful for you and your passion for healing. After settling into the sound healing, I had a full body experience that moved within the different tones and bowls. My tummy talked the same way it does when receiving a relaxing massage. Most of my tears were those of releasing tension that came with repetitive yawning. I have been  holding alot and it felt good to LET IT GO!  I had an awareness to start meditating on a regular basis to get in touch with my body and my guides. I look forward to seeing you again!

-Weslynn V.C.

The sound healing brought me to a deeply peaceful state. My mind was open, gentle, quiet and serene; nothing was there, just space. With the warm water bowl resonating on my sacral chakra, I could feel the energy going down my legs and also up my back. I feel like the after-effects of this sound healing will continue to open up more for me in the coming days and perhaps throughout the rest of my life.

-Marie S.

When the bowls were played on my back, I could feel the vibrations going through the width of my body like a wave pool, from my sacrum to my toes. It was peaceful and luxurious. I liked the sound healing even more than a massage. I feel very grounded now, in a good way like I am solid down to my very core; I'm here and I'm good!

-Cynthia M.

Thank you so much for an hour of bliss. I went into such a deeply relaxed state. At one point I was dreaming. The sound healing melted my general level of irritation. I loved your flute playing at the beginning and end. It opened my heart up.


-Dani A.

I was really able to be present during the session which is important to me. I felt a sense of ease afterwards as if a weight was lifted off my back.


-Dawn W. S.