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Service Leader ~ Liturgist

Hazzan Shayndel is available to lead Shabbat, weekday, high holidays and festival services and coordinate Jewish retreats and Shabbatons.  She is skilled in traditional nusach and engaging congregational melodies and also composes new liturgical melodies. Shayndel has provided prayer leadership in a wide spectrum of Jewish settings, ranging from Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Renewal, feminist, nature-based Judaism, to ecumenical and interfaith services.  She is flexible in adapting to meet the needs of those whom she serves.

Shayndel plays guitar, lyre, Native American flute, drum and Tibetan bowls.  Her leadership style invites the congregation to participate in prayer as she facilitates a spiritual, heart-opening experience. She educates as she sings, and her dvar torah's are musical teachings.

Life Cycle Ritual Officiant

Hazzan Shayndel facilitates meaningful rituals for life cycle events.  She will work with you to co-create your ceremonies for weddings, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby namings, blessingways for soon to be parents, births and other rites of passage.


Shayndel officiates new rituals that serve to recognize and honor major life changes to support you in times of joy and times of sorrow. Events that may call for sacred ceremony include: adoption, pet funerals, career changes or retirement,  miscarriages, divorce, separation, home blessings, space clearing and other happenings. 

When we enact sacred ritual, we deepen our ability to integrate, uplift and consciously transform ourselves. 

We initiate a shift that helps us to grow with wisdom toward the next steps of our life's journey.

Spiritual Guidance & Jewish Studies

Hazzan Shayndel offers one on one sessions, creating sacred time for clear presence, deep listening and reflection of matters of the soul. 

If a particular intention or theme arises for you during the session, she may suggest chants or prayers based on a middah (attribute).


If you are an intellectual seeker wanting to explore or deepen your understanding of Judaism,  Shayndel is available for private studies. Topics may include: Torah, Jewish festivals and the cycle of the year, Jewish feminism, Kabbalah and Hebrew prayer. 

A private session with Hazzan Shayndel is $80 and is held virtually.